Hello, I'm Neliza.

Licensed RTT Practitioner | Mindfulness Coach | Advanced Hypnotist
Guided Meditation and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner in Clearwater, Florida

How Beautiful
LIFE really is.

We all have stored trauma that causes us mental and physical health and my job is to help guide clients to accelerate their healing journey. Because trauma affects all of us, not just someone who has experienced it.

I want my clients to understand that I have gone through extensive training to fully equip myself to rapidly transform them using a guided meditation with world renowned, most effective methods to change their unwanted or negative beliefs with the knowledge and tools they need to be free and empowered, when it comes to recognizing the cause, the root, and the reason behind their issues. 

I am trained in the Power of Transformation.

Focusing on
Your Transition.

Hi, I will be your Transformation Practitioner and Coach. I am so excited to be a part of your journey. I am here to help guide and motivate you along the way so you can achieve a lifelong freedom and empowerment. 

My name is Neliza, I am a mother of two little boys, ages two and four. They are my whole being and why I decided to follow this path to help others. My mission is to impact as many lives as possible to give them a chance of a happier life. 

My career was in medicine for over a decade and loved every bit of it. Being a Cardiovascular Sonographer was an honorable and fulfilling career that saved lives with the masterly of diagnosing pathologies and diseases.

However; my path in this career had to end when I became a mother. The struggle I encountered through out my pregnancy was something that I never expected. My life came to a halt and every second of every day was worrisome. I was uncertain if my baby or I was going to make it. That moment when my Obstetrician had a conversation with me, to consider the possibility of who will live under the circumstances. Having to choose which Hospital to have my delivery, that catered to either saving my life or the babies life. This was incredibly frightening to say the least.

Neliza Patterson – Transformational Therapy Practitioner in Clearwater, Florida

The TRANSITION I was facing, was one of the most challenging moments of my life.

I was bedridden the entire pregnancy. After finally delivering my baby with an emergency C-Section, loosing blood and my son born with bradycardia (low heart rate), at last I was able to hold him in my arms and by the grace of God we were both saved.

With all the complications my baby faced after birth, in that moment, I decided to leave my career to be a stay at home mom. However; with every bit of my soul, I knew I still wanted to have a purpose and to serve others.

It took many many years and several life changing events that led me to create Inner Tranquility to become a practitioner and coach.

It is my passion and life goal to heal others in the most powerful transformative way. I am so passionate and driven to provide the best transformational experience for my clients. I am also committed to extend my coaching services to deliver the most powerful long lasting rapid result my clients desire. 

I now know that I have a purpose. When the Universe or a Higher Power is calling, you just can’t resist. Having to experience all these life changing events from high risk pregnancies leading to separation with my husband and emotional trauma. I know, I am where I need to be, understanding my full potential and life purpose to help others with similar TRANSITION in their lives, is something I will always be grateful for regardless of the unfortunate circumstances. 

Everything always happens for a REASON! We need to experience what ever that reason is to get to where we need to be.

Embrace life as it unfolds in front you because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Never give up and always keep moving forward. 

Let's start your Life Changing Transformation today!

When You Invest In Yourself and Embrace Powerful Ways To Potentially Change Your Life, You Could Experience All of This...


Blessed are the HEARTS that can bend; they shall never be broken.



RTT Abundance Block
"..I feel my outlook has changed and that is amazing.

I love listening to my recordings. It makes me feel happy and I want to continue listening to it after 21 days. In general I feel my outlook has changed and that is amazing. I started writing a book that I have put off for so long. I began working on my social media, which I have never done before for my business. I feel so much better and more organized.

I am happy with all of the projects and ideas I am doing on my own. All of my ideas are just flowing. There was a moment where I recognized that I needed to take time to myself, which allowed me to rest, the next day I felt motivated, more clarity, and instead of waiting for things to unfold, I just got up and did things. I was KIND to myself which gave me a better attitude.

It felt like a reset. The only way I can describe what transformation feels like is that I can just see it. I see a difference. I thought transformation was different but this is so much better than what I believed it was.

"Finding out about yourself is never easy but that is when the biggest break-through happens."

The recording is spot on. It speaks to me and resonates with what I am going through and is a great reminder on how to push through to reach my goals. I felt like the entire session was just Excellent. Very transformational.

The shadow work is hard but worth it. Finding out about yourself is never easy but that is when the biggest break-through happens. Neliza really spent the time to get to know me and to help me realize some important things about myself that lead to my growth during my session.

I am only 2 days into my recording but already more focused and have more clarity.